Bürger schaffen Wissen

Bürger schaffen Wissen (citizens create knowledge) is the central platform for citizen science in Germany. The platform presents, connects and supports Citizen Science projects since November 2013. Its main purpose is to give an overview of citizen science projects to illustrate the concept of citizen science, to further develop the landscape of citizen science and so increasing its visibility within the German public and discourse. Increasingly during the last years, the collaboration between scientific institutions and citizens involved in citizen science projects has experienced a great development. Along with the development, topics such as the further development of quality criteria or the impact of citizen science in 2020 will play a major role for us and all other citizen science actors. The online plattform Bürger schaffen Wissen is a joint project by Wissenschaft im Dialog (gGmbH) and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin - funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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