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Citizen Science training webinars, talks and a roundtable with the HEIDI project

Alice Sheppard
March 1, 2022, 12:35 p.m.

A new citizen science project called HEIDI (“Digital Action at Higher Education Institutions as a catalyst for social change in the Covid-19 crisis”) is holding a series of citizen science training webinars, talks and a roundtable during the month of March. 

HEIDI is an ERASMUS+ project which aims to provide training for staff, decision makers, students, librarians, and communities in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs, e.g. colleges and universities), which would enable them to embrace and support bottom-up digital action. Until 2023 we will be running 90 events (in the UK, France, Malta, Cyprus and Greece) and aim to engage more than 3,000 people.

Last autumn HEIDI ran a series of roundtables with students and staff at HEIs to find out more about their use of, and barriers to, digital action, which includes citizen science, makeathons and hackathons. They found that students, especially, had engaged in citizen science and hackathons, and that everyone agreed that digital action had increased since the start of the Covid-19 crisis - but more could be done! You can read more about these here.

Now, through the month of March, HEIDI is running an events series with the aim of engaging and upskilling people across all communities, not just HEIs - all are welcome. The following events all last 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Online Citizen Science Training Activities

These events are provided by Alice Sheppard, who created the EU-Citizen.Science module “Volunteer engagement, management and care. They are aimed at people who are thinking of starting a citizen science project of their own, or in just learning a little more about some aspect of it.

  • Citizen Science training for practitioners on 7th of March, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link

  • Communication and Feedback with Volunteers on 7th of March, 18:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • Introduction to Citizen Science: Scope, Methodology, Tools and Practices on 10th of March, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • Create your own Zooniverse project on 21st March, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • Create your own nQuire project on 21st March, 18:00 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • Introduction to City Nature Challenge on 22nd March, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • City Nature Challenge: Event Planning on 22nd March, 18:00 pm GMT, Eventbrite link

Online Webinar Series: “Citizen Science for All Talks”

The Citizen Science for All Talks is a series of webinars and special events which invite world-leading experts on citizen science to give a talk in their field of expertise to share their experiences and knowledge with our diverse audience, including those who at the moment know very little about Citizen Science. It is organised by UCL’s People and Nature Lab and Extreme Citizen Science, and will continue every few weeks for a period of several months.

  • Citizen Science with Indigenous Communities with David Berger (IWGIA) and Dimitris Argyriou (Forests & Peoples Organisation) on 2nd March, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • Achieving policy impact with Citizen Science with Dr Sven Schade (JRC), Dr Izzy Bishop (UCL) and Professor Muki Haklay (UCL) on 3rd March, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link

  • Citizen Science and Sustainable Development Goals with Dr Dilek Fraisl (IIASA) and Yaqian Wu (UCL) on 9th March, 16:30 GMT, Eventbrite link 

  • Citizen science and Ethnobotany with Dr Baiba Pruse Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Dr Renata Soukand (Ca’Foscari University of Venice) and Dr Eliana Rodrigues (Universidade Federal de São Paulo) on 1st April, 17:30 pm GMT, Eventbrite link 

Roundtable Discussion: Digital Action in Communities

This roundtable is open to anyone who is interested in citizen science, hackathons or makeathons, or in using these to benefit their community. This community may be their neighbourhood or any specific group of people. It is based in the UK but is open to people living in any country. (Immediately before the roundtable will be the “Introduction to Citizen Science: Scope, Methodology, Tools and Practices” talk, and the audience are welcome to attend either one of these or both.)

Eventbrite link 

The HEIDI project staff are looking forward to seeing you there, whether you’re a beginner in citizen science or an expert.

HEIDI is supported by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union under Grant Agreement no. 2020-1-UK01-KA226-HE-094667.

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