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Join the German Citizen Science Strategy 2030 and take part in the development of the White Paper!

Sept. 15, 2021, 1:39 p.m.

In 2016, the Citizen Science Strategy for Germany 2020 has led to the publication of a GreenPaper.


“This Green Paper Citizen Science Strategy 2020 for Germany presents the understanding, the requirements and the potential of Citizen Science in Germany. It reflects on the multiple benefits of Citizen Science for different sectors of society and on options and opportunities to develop the methodology and approach. “


The next initiative Citizen Science Strategy 2030, initiated 1.5 years ago, builds on this publication and a WG White Paper was funded as a bottom-up network by various organisations in April 2020.

The visions and options for action formulated by the citizen science community in the Green Paper were critically reviewed and used to formulate current and concrete recommendations for action on how citizen science should develop in Germany by 2030.

The process involved more than 150 people from 115 different organisations such as scientific institutions, professional societies, associations and federations, foundations and individuals.

All citizens are now invited to comment on the resulting White Paper in an open participatory process:

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