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#MonthOfTheProjects winner: amai!

July 19, 2021, 12:10 p.m.

The project amai! (“Oh, my!” in Flemish) wants to involve citizens in the development of artificial intelligence. Amai! does this by bringing citizens and AI experts together around four themes (climate & environment, mobility, health, work). In four stages, a smart AI solution is developed for each theme based on socially relevant questions gathered by citizen scientists.

Firstly, questions for AI were collected using an online platform. Amai! organized brainstorm sessions and presented a range of relevant AI examples. In the second stage, the collected questions were further explored during several “campfire sessions”. These are co-creation sessions where citizens, AI experts and experts on societal themes came together.

The output of these sessions is now being processed to be launched as an open call in September this year. Consortia consisting of e.g., social profit organizations, AI SMEs, or research groups, can then submit a proposal to tackle one of the research questions coming from the campfire sessions. Finally, four projects will be selected to receive funding. These will be developed from January 2022. Citizens will also be involved in the development of the selected projects.

Amai! is a project of Scivil (the Flemish knowledge centre for Citizen Science) and the Flemish Knowledge Centre Data & Society.

Picture: amai!

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