You choose what to investigate on air pollution and health!

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You choose what to investigate on air pollution and health!

by Raul Toran from CitieS-Health project team

Thanks to those who have previously participated in the CitieS-Health Barcelona pilot project activities, we know what is most important in Barcelona about air pollution and its impact on health.

Since September, 1,000 strawberry plants have been monitoring the quality of the air in Barcelona. In the meantime, we continue to co-create with citizen participation in the research question.

In the first event we had the opportunity to work face-to-face with attendees on their main concerns and, thanks to that, we identified 8 previous research questions.

Now, more than 400 people in Barcelona have answered our survey of how they think it affects air pollution in their daily lives. Thanks to the participation of the public, we have been able to draw up a map of concerns in the different parts of the city. The two areas chosen for further research on air quality are respiratory and cardiovascular health and mental health. Two of the most voted questions are: Does air pollution affect stress and/or emotional state? and How does the combination of air pollution, noise, and the presence of green/blue spaces affect our mental health? Now is the time to choose only one! People from Barcelona city will decide what we are investigating.

The rest of the pilot projects in Utrecht (Netherlands) about biomass burning and health, Ljubljana (Slovenia) about noise pollution and health, Lucca (Italy) about industrial pollution and health and Kaunas (Lithuania) about public spaces and health will also choose their own research questions.