Work plan

Share, initiate and learn - citizen science in Europe

WP1. Coordination and management

WP1 will ensure well-planned, cost-effective project management. It includes coordination of all partners, financial and administrative management, cooperation with EC representatives, ensuring inclusiveness and a gender balance, and cooperation with other EU-funded projects.

Deliverables (public)
D1.1 Data management plan

WP2. Platform, community and network building

WP2 will design and implement the EU-Citizen.Science platform. It will: (1) identify the key stakeholders (2) identify their needs and requirements (3) research the existing landscape for community networks and knowledge-sharing hubs.

Deliverables (public)
D2.1 Stakeholders, network & community mapping report D2.2 Engagement and community-building plan

WP3. Content: framework, quality assurance and curation

WP3 will develop a framework for collecting and sharing high-quality tools, guidelines and other materials. It will: (1) develop criteria for citizen science practitioners and initiatives to share content (2) guide the curation of state-of-the-art tools, guidelines and materials.

WP4. Awareness and engagement: public and policymakers

WP4 will demonstrate how the platform can support participation in citizen science by: (1) using novel approaches for citizen engagement (2) improving knowledge transfer and capacity building (3) developing a model for integrating citizen science across Europe.

WP5. Training needs: assessment, creation and delivery

WP5 will deliver an innovative training programme for citizen science, designed for target stakeholder groups with a focus on ‘training the trainers’ and enhancing their capacity, while balancing the goals of different citizen science projects.

WP6. Dissemination, exploitation and strategic communication

WP6 will engage diverse stakeholders in the project’s activities at the local, national and EU levels. It will disseminate project results to key audiences and ensure that all communication and dissemination activities are interlinked and effective.

WP7. Evaluation and impact assessment

WP7 will ensure that the project provides evidence of its impact (according to its objectives) and demonstrates a clear contribution to building the European citizen science community. It will also measure the project’s overall performance and its impact on involved communities.

Deliverables (public)
D7.1 Evaluation & Impact Framework

WP8. Ethics requirements

WP8 will set out the ethical requirements with which the project must comply, such as data management and informed consent.