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Share, initiate and learn - citizen science in Europe

Visualisation of the Covid-19

Citizen science resources related to the COVID19 pandemic

This is a selection of resources related to the current COVID19 pandemic. It contains links to citizen science and crowdsourcing projects that might be of interest to: citizens wanting to help tackle the virus researchers looking for support during interruptions to their fieldwork parents looking for ideas to support children who are homeschooling anyone looking…
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Citizen science Butterflies project

How citizen science is changing the face of research

Dorte Riemenschneider and Muki Haklay have recently been interviewed by Research Outreach to discuss the role of ECSA, the European Citizen Science Association, and how everyone can get involved in Citizen Science. With a special mention of our project! Have a look at the article Picture: CC BY 2.0.

ECSA Conference Postponed

Due to the uncertainty of the current situation linked with the COVID19 outbreak, the 2020 ECSA conference in Trieste (Italy) (which was initially organised on 24-6 May) is now postponed to 6-8 September. Find more information on their conference website

The two core user groups of the EU-Citizen.Science Platform

Platform Functionality Requirements & Specification

At the end of 2019 we submitted one of our most important deliverables, which lays the foundations for the whole project – the ‘D2.3 Platform Functionality Requirements & Specification Report‘. In order to deliver on our ambition to build a valuable, accessible and sustainable platform and mutual learning space for citizen science practitioners across Europe, we took the…
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Six new CS projects joining ACTION

On 31 October, the first Open Call of ACTION project closed: we received 117 proposals for new CS projects dedicated to pollution as a main topic. Now, the six projects that have been selected are ready to kick-off in a dedicated 3-day event starting on February the 17th and hosted by the Leibniz Institute for…
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Would you call this a citizen science activity?

EU-Citizen.Science and the European Citizen Science Association are trying to develop short briefing that can be used by research funders, policy bodies, and scientists, to decide which activities, and under which conditions, should be considered to be citizen science. For this ambitious purpose, we would need your help. You can do so by filling out this survey. This…
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Workshop on ethical and legal issues around ICTs

EU-Citizen.Science will co-host a workshop in Berlin next March, with the title ‘Creating a citizens’ information pack on ethical and legal issues around ICTs: what should be included?’. The purpose of this event is to collect ideas from citizens and citizen scientists about the major problems they face in this field, and what is needed…
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Evaluation & impact framework

Evaluation is a central part of any project. Deliverable 7.1, the Evaluation & impact framework, written by Teresa Schaefer and Barbara Kieslinger from ZSI, will ensure that EU-Citizen.Science provides evidence of its impact according to a defined set of objectives. The evaluation framework serves two purposes, which can be broadly classified as formative and summative…
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Help us record the european network of Citizen Science

Be part of it! We want to explore existing networks of citizen science. With your help, we want to make the first comprehensive survey of the diverse players in the field of citizen science. Please participate in compiling existing actors and institutions and their networks and show that you are part of it.  We need…
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Multi-level platform engagement & community-building plan

Engagement and community-building are central to EU-Citizen.Science’s core mission: to bring together people interested (or potentially interested) in citizen science, while providing a common understanding of the field. A key early task was to identify our key target audiences – and propose strategies to engage with them. After mapping our target audiences, Deliverable 2.2 provides…
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