Month: March 2020

Share, initiate and learn - citizen science in Europe

Visualisation of the Covid-19

Citizen science resources related to the COVID19 pandemic

This is a selection of resources related to the current COVID19 pandemic. It contains links to citizen science and crowdsourcing projects that might be of interest to: citizens wanting to help tackle the virus researchers looking for support during interruptions to their fieldwork parents looking for ideas to support children who are homeschooling anyone looking…
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Citizen science Butterflies project

How citizen science is changing the face of research

Dorte Riemenschneider and Muki Haklay have recently been interviewed by Research Outreach to discuss the role of ECSA, the European Citizen Science Association, and how everyone can get involved in Citizen Science. With a special mention of our project! Have a look at the article Picture: CC BY 2.0.

Criteria and Rationale for Sharing and Selecting State of the art Citizen Science Resources

This deliverable (D3.1) “Framework report describing criteria and rationale for sharing and selecting state of the art citizen science resources”¬†describes the set of criteria and actions for identifying good quality citizen science resources for the EU-Citizen.Science platform. It also explains the methodology of the criteria development process along with the challenges faced throughout. Finally, the…
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ECSA Conference Postponed

Due to the uncertainty of the current situation linked with the COVID19 outbreak, the 2020 ECSA conference in Trieste (Italy) (which was initially organised on 24-6 May) is now postponed to 6-8 September. Find more information on their conference website

People need to feel that they belong to science

For the last interview of our series about inclusion in citizen science, we wanted to know more about what’s happening outside of our continent. We travelled (virtually of course) to the West Coast of the USA to have a chat with Shara Fisler, founder of the Ocean Discovery Institute, an organisation specialised in citizen science…
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